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Bird Behaviour Consultation

Some of the behavioural issues that Northern Rivers Animal Behaviour can assist with include:

  • Feather picking

  • Unwanted sexual behaviour

  • Aggression

  • Screaming

  • Stereotypical behaviours

The Process


  1.  Contact us via phone, email or form to discuss your problem and arrange a consultation

  2. Fill in a detailed questionnaire provided describing your bird's life and the behavioural issue you are seeking help for. 

  3. We come to your home (or connect via Zoom) for an in depth and detailed consultation

  4. During the consultation a diagnosis will be reached and treatment plan provided, and a detailed written report will be provided shortly after​

What's included:

  • In home visit (travel within Tweed and Byron Shires included). Consultations outside these areas can be conducted via video call. 

  • Full history, discussion and analysis of questionnaire

  • Analysis of home environment

  • Diagnosis of problem & discussion of why your bird is behaving the way they are

  • Provision of treatment plan

    • Immediate environmental management solutions to help in the short term

    • Formulation of behaviour modification and/or training plan

    • Discussion of pheromones, nutraceuticals and/or medication (if applicable). Provision of prescriptions if required

  • Full written report detailing diagnosis and treatment plan

  • Any handouts you may need to assist with the treatment plan

  • Correspondence with your regular veterinarian

  • Telephone check in 2 weeks after consultation to address any questions or challenges 


Initial consultation (approximately 3 hours): $450

Follow up consultations (approximately 1.-1.5 hours): $200

Consultations involving more than one animal in a household will be subject to an additional fee. 

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