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New Puppy/Kitten Consultation

Get yourself and your new  family member on the right track for a lifetime of health and happiness with this comprehensive information session covering all aspects of your pet's care, with all the most up to date veterinary health and behaviour recommendations. Ideal for first time pet owners!

What's included: 

  • In home visit (including travel costs within Byron and Tweed Shires)

  • Information on:

    • Setting up the right environment & environmental enrichment for your new companion)

    • Toilet training

    • Socialisation

    • Diet

    • Preventative health measures (including worming, flea treatment, dental health)

    • Breed specific potential health issues to be aware of

    • When to take your pet to the vet

    • What is normal dog/cat behaviour and how an understanding of this will enable you to have the best relationship possible with your pet!

  • Handouts on all topics


New puppy/kitten session (1.5 hours): $200

Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy and  kitten.jpg
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