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Puppy and Dog Training

Northern Rivers Animal Behaviour is now offering puppy and dog training sessions, covering basic skills.. Missed out on puppy preschool? Or are group classes not for you? Or does your dog need a refresher on the basic skills?

Using only gentle and positive reinforcement based techniques, you will learn all the basic skills required to have a confident and polite dog and be set up to have the best relationship possible with your dog..

What's included: 

Over 3 x 1 hour one-on-one sessions, your puppy/dog will learn to:

  • Respond to their name

  • Sit

  • Look

  • Touch

  • Drop/Lay Down

  • Come When Called

  • Loose Lead Walking (basics)

  • Stay

  • Give

  • Leave

  • Go to their bed/mat

  • Accept a collar hold

  • Greeting manners

Also included are detailed handouts on all skills and a clicker.


3 x 1 hour sessions: $300

For more information or to book your place click on the 'Book Training Course' button below.

Training a Puppy
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